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About Time

These wedding collections are meant to reach out to all couples. From those who have a lower budget to those who want every moment of their day captured and recreated through my eyes. This is your day and your story– I am just the one telling it. Allow me to put together a cinematic story that is authentically yours. Contact me for more information as well as detailed pricing. 

"Here's looking at you, kid."

(The) Runaways

Starting at $1,300

The photography or cinematography lower budget option for the couple who wants a glimpse into their special day.

"You had me at hello."

(The) Epilogue

Starting at $2,400

The middle budget option for the couple looking for a photography and cinematography highlight of their day.

"Can you play me a memory?"

(The) 1975

Starting at $3,500

The photography and cinematography option for the "truly, madly, deeply" couple whose love is as authentic as the film and photos we will be documenting. This option brings you moments captured on both digital and 8mm film.


Does your pricing include travel? 

Up to 50 miles travel is paid for within my packages! Any weddings further than that can have additional travel fees, such as gas, stay, flights, etc. 

How do you do photography and videography? 

With the help of (at least) one wonderful assistant, I am able to capture both photo and video of your special day! For the main events, my assistant will be doing the video portion while I capture photos. However, I direct the content of your day! Don’t be surprised if you see us switching cameras every now and then! 

When will I receive my wedding photos/film? 

All weddings are different, however all photos and videos should be back within 2-4 months after your wedding. Clients that choose a package that includes photography will receive a photo preview within 72 hours to hold you over until the whole album is finished. 

Do you do drone footage? 

I do but only if the day, location and conditions allow! Because the drone involves leaving the action and putting together another piece of equipment, I only do drone footage if the specific day allows me to. Many times, drone footage is only included in my all day packages. 

How do you choose music? 

The music on my videos is what I take the most time on. Because I want it to be perfect and fit your film, I spend hours listening to all kinds of music until I hear the exact song for you. I license primarily through Musicbed and 

What do I need to get booked? 

WHOO-HOO! I’m so glad you’ve decided to book with me! Getting you on my calendar requires a signed contract and a 50% deposit. Click on that contact page to get in touch with me and let’s get you booked, my friend! 

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